The Future of Hair Transplantation

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The Future of Hair Transplantation

Can we ever stop being thankful for technological advancements? Probably not! Well, that is why we think we all should avail them to the fullest. So, we are soon presenting leading-edge technology to you.

Presenting ARTAS- New Technology on its way!
Let us first tell you about the ARTAS system! It is the first robotic system to extract individual follicular units for hair transplant surgery. 

It has a dissimilar chair as compared to the other types. It allows the patient to sit in a simplified and proper position to make sure he/she can avail the best out of it. The purpose of the chair is to have a simple posture for the patient and an uncomplicated position for the robot as well. 

Wait! Do you think that this trending technology can replace the manual approach? If that’s the case, you should know about the other aspects. Even though the robot has simplified the functions, our technical team always stays around for detailed observation and support.  

So you see, when you choose us for hair replacement treatment in Melbourne, you get nothing less than the leading-edge solutions. Also, no matter how simplified it gets, we will never stop taking all precaution.



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