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As an actor, my appearance is so important to me. About 12 months ago, I could feel my hair was starting to thin through the top of my head. Psychologically it started to effect me. When I awoke in the morning I’d find hair on my pillow. Also after showering I would find hair in the shower plug. Over a few months, I thought to myself that this is bad! This can’t be happening to me!

At home, I tried basic lotions from the chemist for awhile, but nothing really happened. Last year, I joked to a good fried of mine over lunch, regarding my hair and that’s when he answered seriously. My friend opened up to me about his own problems and referred me to Hair Centre International for their help.

Renowned for their laser treatment programs, and as you can see from my photos it has really worked for me

Paul Moore
Winners & Losers

Once I started to notice my thinning hair I began to look for a product and someone who could help. After a few telephone calls, I found Hair Centre International easy to talk to, and book my first appointment. These guys had an easy-going nature about them. After a second session, I was comfortable proceeding with their laser treatment program. The results don’t lie.

Andrew Bews
Former Geelong Cats Player

Having hair treatment was never really an avenue I had ever considered going down. However I’m glad I had the support and push from my family because it’s changed my life completely. Now in my mid 30’s, I used to have long hair and rarely went to the hairdressers because I wanted as much hair as possible. For hair brushing, I would constantly part my hair in a certain way, or wear a cap. If it was windy outside I became conscious, and wary in those elements, fearing people would see my hairline.

Since receiving treatment at Hair Centre International I have cut my hair short and changed drastically; not only my hair, but also my personality. Today I am more confident now and worry about more important things than my hair; and that’s the way life should be. I’m glad I took the step to commence treatment and urge others to make the same decision.

Ryan Jones

Noticing that my hair was starting to thin through the top I decided to do some research into what options were available. Living in the western suburbs of Melbourne, it was easy to choose Hair Centre International so I just rang and booked a free Consultation.

The people at Hair Centre International were genuine and knowledgeable. After a period,  I decided to do their laser regrowth program.

After 3 months I could feel that my hair had strengthened and my hair loss had slowed. After 5 months of treatment I can say that I am now thrilled with the results. With more hair I feel more confident and I can finally style my hair the way I like. With more and more regrowth I am finding more confidence every day.


The reason I decided to look into a hair regrowth program was because I was hearing more comments about my thinning hair, more often. A few times I found myself not doing the things I enjoy like swimming just because I was afraid of exposing myself or hearing more about my hair loss.

So I finally decided to do something about it. At a local chemist I hired a hand held laser, and used it daily, but I found that it gave me scalp irritations. It just didn’t work for me. No regrowth at all.

My sister did some research, and encouraged me to call Wayne at Hair Centre International and quickly found people I could trust and prepared to help me in an honest way.

It was about in week no.5 where I could see and feel the difference. After 4 months I could see new hair growth. As the laser treatment is still in the early stages I can easily recommend Hair Centre International. The results speak for them-self.

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