Women’s Hair Regrowth


Hair Loss Treatment

You may have already found that chronic hair loss is something that medical teams cannot yet cure.

It may have happened to you. You woke up one morning to discover your hair is falling out.

Over 30 years we have received many phone calls by ladies, concerned and complaining of hair loss.

Such enquiries inspired us to create our unique intra-lace hair replacement system which improves the density and appearance of women’s hair.

We have a broad range of options available.

• scalp make-up, styling advice

• intra-lace system

• hair replacement

• low level laser technology

• pharmaceutical compounds (prescribed by our Medical team)

Helping Women with Hair Loss – Whatever the Cause

We pride ourselves on results.

We provide individualised hair restoration services specifically for women.

Feel free to contact us, to find out how we can give you beautiful hair again!

We can help you in these areas;
• Female Pattern Hair loss
• Trichotillomania
• Alopecia Areata
• Post Chemotherapy Hair loss
• Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
• Alopecia Totalis
• Post Radiotherapy Hair Loss
• Other forms of hair loss

In addition to providing practical solutions to your hair loss problems, we also provide continuous psychological comfort and for so many ladies we have become a trusted friend.

We can help you, so please call us today on (03) 9866 6616.


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