Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

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Non Surgical Hair Loss Treatment Options

The old saying, age is a mere number, is the perfect way to relate to the level of distress for the hair loss. Anyone can lose hair, and it is not limited to losing hair, but it can also impact self-esteem and confidence. You can understand it, we know you can. However, do you know what we at HC International relate to? Finding solutions!

Non-surgical hair replacement in Melbourne

With the evolving trends, what was earlier limited to hair wigs, has now been replaced by different techniques.  Now let us talk about what we offer in our hair clinic in Melbourne!

You can count on our experience of more than three decades in the hair loss industry. You can utilize that for your hair regrowth. From Werribee to Melbourne, you can avail of our non-surgical replacement with just a call. 

Simplifying it further, we will come to you after you book us from our website. By the way, we also extend a free consultation, so you can let go of your hair loss worries and get started with our wide range of treatments for non-surgical hair replacement.

Redefining our happiness with your satisfaction!

We are aware of the impact of hair loss on you! However, do you know that we have got solutions with our hair fall treatment services in Melbourne? We have an extensive collection of high-quality remy hair and state-of-the-art techniques to implement for you. All in all, we are all set to provide you with what we are promising!

  1. Come to our clinic, or we come to you!
  2. Free HairCheck Analysis each Month
  3. 20% off all Laser Treatment programs (March 2019)
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A happy client is the best client 😄

The Russia Collection takes you back to the good old days when hair was great and stayed great. Your clients will notice their hair looks and feels better. And you’ll spend more time styling and less time fixing. That’s good for your clients, your staff… and your bottom line!