Hair Regrowth Clinic

If you’re suffering from hair loss, look no further than Hair Centre International. We are a leading hair regrowth clinic and we’re committed to finding you an effective hair loss treatment. Our company utilises doctors and pharmacists, to ensure that our products are at the forefront of the hair loss industry. Our goal is to make hair loss treatments effective, affordable, and accessible.

Why we stand out from our competition….

We pride ourselves on a few key factors – science, transparency, 24×7 availability to talk and continual honesty.

We supply proven science to your problem with hair loss. After medical diagnosis we provide the combined effects of laser technology and prescription pharmaceutical solutions.

Applying the latest diode laser technology to accelerate blood circulation for improved collagen fibre regeneration and increased metabolism.

Our team of doctors, and pharmacists review the literature from around the globe to find the most effective hair loss treatments available. Our compounding pharmacy is then able to use the knowledge that they gain from the literature to produce hair loss products that are suited for your individual needs. The results are superior to using off-the-shelf products.


Hair Centre International hair regrowth clinics focus on transparency.  We disclose full information on all of our products, and the science behind our products. Our pricing structure is explained upfront, allowing for an informed decision about your treatment.

Medical Support

Lastly, our clinic platform allows you to connect with your own or our own prescribing doctor, as well as the compounding pharmacy. Once you’ve made the decision to purchase our hair loss treatment program, and are approved, our services are delivered in-house.  With full support, and with continuous monitoring, at a fraction of the price of our competition.

Hair Centre International products and services work on the majority of patient. Because the biology and mechanics that produce and regulate hair follicles are the same, our products work on men and women alike. Including all hair types, short, long, straight, curly, thin, or thick.

Why the program?

Now that you’ve made the first step towards investing in a hair loss treatment program, you’re likely wondering why we offer a 3-month program service.
The answer is simple – the program service enables success by providing you with a series of products and services when combined with our expert delivery, leads to hair regrowth success guaranteed.

Chances are, you’re eager to start seeing results, but it’s important to remember that good things take time and your hair loss treatment is no different. It typically takes about 2 to 3 months to start seeing noticeable results, and up to 6 months to see substantial results. This is why we have a 3-month program period. In 2018, 32 of 34 clients have secured additional programs. This is because they can see and feel the results. They seek to maintain their hair growth journey.

Honest discussions

It’s essential to have realistic expectations of your hair loss treatment program, and not give up too soon if you’re not seeing immediate results. A commitment to a consistent treatment plan, for up to 6 months, is necessary for you to experience optimal hair growth.

To get an idea of how long the process takes, we’ll break the hair growth cycle down for you. Your hair loss treatment will start taking effect immediately after you start using the product. In the first couple of months, you will notice your hair loss will slow down. In some cases hair loss may stop completely. Hair regrowth takes slightly longer because your follicles need time to leave the resting phase and enter into a growth phase. It generally takes about 2 to 3 months to see noticeable hair growth, and up to 6 months to notice the full effect of our products.

Treatment Cycle

We’ve outlined the typical treatment pattern cycle that is experienced by our clients. However, it’s important to keep in mind that individual results may vary. So you may experience hair regrowth a little slower or indeed, a little faster than we’ve described. We have many clients who see fast results, and are super pleased their results exceed their expectations.

One Request Cancellation and Money Back Guarantee

While we are confident that you will be happy with our products and remain in the program, we do have an easy cancellation policy. If you’ve noticed some hair regrowth but don’t want to continue with additional treatment you can cancel at any time. No additional cost will be charged to you.

When you’re investing in a hair loss treatment program, we understand that you want it to be effective without worrying about wasting money. This is why we have an easy cancellation policy and money-back guarantee on services you wish to cancel.

Continual Consultation

We will provide continual consultation and words of advise free of charge. We will take progress photos and videos at microscopic level ‘free of charge’. This helps all patients in-program, or considering a treatment program.

If at the end of the 3-month period you haven’t noticed results, we’ll refund your money. So, what have you got to lose? Contact us to get started today!

If you’re suffering from hair loss that is affecting your self-esteem consider trying Hair Centre International services and products.

Like we’ve mentioned in this article, there is no quick fix for hair loss.  It will take a commitment to consistent treatment. It’s crucial that you don’t give up on treatment if you’re not experiencing your desired results immediately. In the long run, the results will be worth your time and money.