Causes of Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss.

Such as androgen hormones; psychosocial stress, poor nutrition, genetics, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, ultraviolet light, pollution, and on it goes.

Traditionally, dermatologists have considered each case of hair loss as the result of a distinct, single cause, e.g. genetic vs acquired, scarring vs nonscarring, intrinsic vs extrinsic.

Such distinctions among hair loss led to the development of drugs that target single mechanisms of loss (e.g. finasteride suppressing dihydro-testosterone DHT).

Research findings

Newer findings from research on causes of hair loss have revealed that it is a multifactorial condition, involving many factors and signalling pathways. Thus any treatment that targets a single feature of hair loss is destined to be incomplete.

Moreover multi-targeting therapeutic approaches need to address inflammation, oxidative stress, ageing, and elevated stress mediators. The results with multi-mechanism treatments have far surpassed all expectations of dermatologists and researchers.

Multi-targeted therapies such as low-level laser light and nutraceuticals are emerging and increasingly recognised for their efficacy as either standalone treatments or in combination with traditional hair loss protocols.

Hair Centre International –  Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Centre International clinics are leading the Australian industry in the multi-targeted approach in hair loss treatment. Treatment protocols often include;

Pharmacy supplied prescription lotion, a unique chemist compound solution, developed by Hair Centre International and local chemists. It is formulated to include the most effective medical stimulant known to return hair follicles to the growth phase. It also includes retinoids to improve scalp health.

Also we may prescribe the use of a prescription dihydro-testosterone (DHT) inhibitor. This inhibitor is important in controlling the androgen-associated aspects of genetic hair loss. Also we may consider, herbal products which block androgen receptors.

In addition, the use of LLLT, either in clinic, or via our laser technology, to decrease inflammation of the hair follicles, and to improve circulation in the scalp.

Also, cleansing products free of sulphates – to ensure a healthy environment for newly growing hair.

Likewise, trained consultants to evaluate lifestyle choices, including nutrition, that may affect hair growth.

The above are just the beginning of the many and varied treatments available. We design for you a  personal plan of action and selection of products to treat your unique condition.

You probably have some questions or concerns about your own hair. Treatment results will be better if you address your hair health sooner. For many people, that first phone call for your free consultation is the toughest. Most wish they had called sooner.