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Why Hair Count and Analysis?



  • Hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men.
  • Two-thirds of women will also have some form of hair loss in their lifetime.


HairCheck® has forever changed the way people approach hair loss. Before HairCheck® there was no evidence-based way to measure hair loss, hair breakage, and the response to treatments.

When hair could not be measured, doctors and hair professionals were simply unable to answer the following questions;

  1. Do I have hair loss?
  2. Is it getting worse?
  3. How quickly?
  4. Do I have hair breakage?  How bad?
  5. Is my hair loss/breakage treatment working?

50% of your hair must be lost or broken before it’s visible to the naked eye!

With HairCheck®, your Hair Centre International professional can detect the early stages of thinning and breakage, and suggest early treatment.  Treatments that can reverse breakage and possibly delay future balding.

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