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The Benefits of Advanced Analysis



  1. HAIR LOSS: In their lifetime, some form of hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men and two-thirds of women. Your chances of experiencing hair loss is high.
  2. SAVINGS: How much are you spending on hair growth products? A simple HairCheck® measurement will save you time and money.
  3. PRECISION: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® is a patented device that provides scientific measurements. Now we can provide you with an analysis of hair loss and growth.
  4. KNOWLEDGE: Measuring effectiveness is important. Otherwise its like going on a weight loss program without using a scale!
  5. HEAD START: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® can detect thinning before it is visible to the naked eye. If you start treatment early, you can delay or avoid the visible effects of balding.
  6. IMMEDIATE: On your first visit, you can find out how much hair you have and how much hair you’ve lost.
  7. RESULTS: Because HairCheck® provides quantitative and photo evidence on whether or not your treatment is working. This knowledge enables you to  switch from one product or service to another.
  8. WOMEN: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® can actually detect and measures hair breakage. This is an important but under-appreciated early indicator of hair problems for women.
  9. PEACE OF MIND: HairCheck® can answer almost every question you might have regarding hair loss and hair growth.
  10. EXCLUSIVE: HairCheck® is the easy and affordable scientific method to measure hair loss and growth.  A HairCheck® can be performed in 5 minutes and not a single hair is cut.
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