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Hair Centre International’s – Hair Count and Measurement Technology.

Latest Technology employed.

With this new and revolutionary device, we can show our clients measurable hair thinning, or breakage.  Scientific evidence that our clients are losing their hair.

Traditionally, treatment for thinning hair starts when balding is visible to the naked eye, but by then, nearly 50 percent of the hair is already gone!


HairCheck® gives our clients the information needed to begin their hair growth treatment years before balding begins to show.  There are two types of new services Hair Centre International can provide to our clients.  Hair loss or growth measurements and hair breakage measurements.

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HairCheck® only takes only a few minutes to give an accurate measure of hair loss caused by thinning, shedding, or breakage.  This revolutionary new service is becoming one of our most in-demand menu items, and is resulting in a significant increase in the number and retention of our clients who are willing to do what it takes to keep or regrow their hair.

Here, at Hair Centre International we can prove that our treatments work.

Women with hair breakage are welcoming the professional manner with which we approach their loss.  They are motivated clients, seeking additional services and products to address their damage and prevent further breakage.



  • Identify and treat hair loss before it shows.
  • Measure the effectiveness of hair growth treatments to help make better decisions in treatment.
  • Quantify and distinguish hair loss due to shedding, thinning and breakage to make appropriate recommendations.
  • Early detection helps make better decisions of hair growth products.S
  • Show measurable results.
  • Enable expert decisions to strengthen your hair. Enable use of products that improve your hair protein.

HairCheck® evaluation can be a part of a service or retail purchase, YOU will now feel that you can control these frustrating and worrisome hair conditions.

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