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HairCheck® Advanced Technology

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  • HairCheck® is a technology that helps us provide answers to your hair loss and hair breakage questions.
  • It’s a scientific instrument which accurately measures hair loss, growth and breakage on any area of the scalp.
  • We do not need to cut a sample of your hair.
  • Testing takes about 5 minutes.
  • If we detect any hair loss or breakage, we can make appropriate suggestions and track the results of any treatments.

The Benefits of Advanced Analysis

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  1. HAIR LOSS: In their lifetime, some form of hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men and two-thirds of women. Your chances of experiencing hair loss is high.
  2. SAVINGS: How much are you spending on hair growth products? A simple HairCheck® measurement will save you time and money.
  3. PRECISION: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® is a patented device that provides scientific measurements. Now we can provide you with an analysis of hair loss and growth.
  4. KNOWLEDGE: Measuring effectiveness is important. Otherwise its like going on a weight loss program without using a scale!
  5. HEAD START: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® can detect thinning before it is visible to the naked eye. If you start treatment early, you can delay or avoid the visible effects of balding.
  6. IMMEDIATE: On your first visit, you can find out how much hair you have and how much hair you’ve lost.
  7. RESULTS: Because HairCheck® provides quantitative and photo evidence on whether or not your treatment is working. This knowledge enables you to  switch from one product or service to another.
  8. WOMEN: Hair Centre International’s HairCheck® can actually detect and measures hair breakage. This is an important but under-appreciated early indicator of hair problems for women.
  9. PEACE OF MIND: HairCheck® can answer almost every question you might have regarding hair loss and hair growth.
  10. EXCLUSIVE: HairCheck® is the easy and affordable scientific method to measure hair loss and growth.  A HairCheck® can be performed in 5 minutes and not a single hair is cut.

Targeted Treatment with HairCheck®

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Do you have balding (thinning) that IS VISIBLE?

  • Simply have the area measured every few months.  HairCheck® will measure “how much hair” is present and indicate whether or not your loss is getting worse or remaining stable.

Do you have balding (thinning) that is NOT YET VISIBLE?

  • HairCheck® can detect early thinning years before it is visible to the naked eye.  Two areas are measured – the back of your head where thinning never occurs, and the suspected area on top, where thinning might have already started.  The values are compared, and your loss is easily detected and quantified.


Do you have shedding (hairs falling out) ?

  • Unlike thinning, shedding involves the entire scalp and hairs are seen in the sink and brush. Shedding can stabilize in a few months…. it can stabilize in a few years.  If you want to know if your shedding has stabilized, or if your hair has begun to re-grow, then HairCheck® is the only way to get a quantitative answer

How much are you spending each month on hair-growth products like Rogaine (minoxidil), Propecia (finasteride), laser therapy, etc.?

  • HairCheck® will save you time and money by providing quantitative evidence of whether or not that treatment is actually working. If you’re not getting the results you want, simply change products until you find the product that works for you.


Is your hair damaged, brittle or broken?

  • With one simple measurement, HairCheck® can determine if breakage is present and precisely measure its severity.  Start using hair strengthening and reconstructor products recommended by your hair professional and see how quickly your percentage of broken hairs begins to drop.

Why Hair Count and Analysis?

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  • Hair loss affects an estimated 75% of men.
  • Two-thirds of women will also have some form of hair loss in their lifetime.


HairCheck® has forever changed the way people approach hair loss. Before HairCheck® there was no evidence-based way to measure hair loss, hair breakage, and the response to treatments.

When hair could not be measured, doctors and hair professionals were simply unable to answer the following questions;

  1. Do I have hair loss?
  2. Is it getting worse?
  3. How quickly?
  4. Do I have hair breakage?  How bad?
  5. Is my hair loss/breakage treatment working?

50% of your hair must be lost or broken before it’s visible to the naked eye!

With HairCheck®, your Hair Centre International professional can detect the early stages of thinning and breakage, and suggest early treatment.  Treatments that can reverse breakage and possibly delay future balding.



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Hair Centre International’s – Hair Count and Measurement Technology.

Latest Technology employed.

With this new and revolutionary device, we can show our clients measurable hair thinning, or breakage.  Scientific evidence that our clients are losing their hair.

Traditionally, treatment for thinning hair starts when balding is visible to the naked eye, but by then, nearly 50 percent of the hair is already gone!


HairCheck® gives our clients the information needed to begin their hair growth treatment years before balding begins to show.  There are two types of new services Hair Centre International can provide to our clients.  Hair loss or growth measurements and hair breakage measurements.

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HairCheck® only takes only a few minutes to give an accurate measure of hair loss caused by thinning, shedding, or breakage.  This revolutionary new service is becoming one of our most in-demand menu items, and is resulting in a significant increase in the number and retention of our clients who are willing to do what it takes to keep or regrow their hair.

Here, at Hair Centre International we can prove that our treatments work.

Women with hair breakage are welcoming the professional manner with which we approach their loss.  They are motivated clients, seeking additional services and products to address their damage and prevent further breakage.



  • Identify and treat hair loss before it shows.
  • Measure the effectiveness of hair growth treatments to help make better decisions in treatment.
  • Quantify and distinguish hair loss due to shedding, thinning and breakage to make appropriate recommendations.
  • Early detection helps make better decisions of hair growth products.S
  • Show measurable results.
  • Enable expert decisions to strengthen your hair. Enable use of products that improve your hair protein.

HairCheck® evaluation can be a part of a service or retail purchase, YOU will now feel that you can control these frustrating and worrisome hair conditions.