Hair Replacement Programs

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Hair Replacement Programs in Melbourne

When you think of good hair, we believe you should own them. Healthy, heavy, and beautiful hair is not luxe but your right! Even though there can be obstructions in your way, we believe you can always own them.

Where women want pretty hair like Ruppenzel, men want their hair to be impressive. Whatever you want, we have got a solution for your hair in our hair clinic in Melbourne. It has been 25 years that we have been collecting our stock of Russian hair. Well, it won’t be wrong to call ours the biggest stock ever.

This Caucasian hair is high in demand because of the fine denier and natural light blonde and brown shades. Silky, shiny, and pretty, our hair clinic has got it all. 

So, you now can see what our deal for hair loss solutions in Melbourne can promise!

Earlier, we thought of keeping our inventory reserved for already existing clients. However, we believe that’s unfair! So, we are now releasing a part of our inventory. We are creating a premium collection of European hair for our high-end clients. If you think you deserve them, you can have them at our hair clinic.

The Magic of Russian Hair!

Well, when we have to choose the hair that can match our own, the first and the only thought coming to us is the virgin European hair. Yes, we want you to own the chemical-free hair as compensation for the hair loss you have suffered!

That is where we think the Russian hair can step in as the best solution for you. Let us tell you how we believe it is the closest thing you can own and live with. It has the thickness, natural colour, and protective cuticle intact! Do you not want it? You should not say no, and instead, tell us when you want to begin!

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Solutions for hair loss in Melbourne are just a call away! Ring us at (03) 98666616!

Hair Replacement Program

Settle for nothing less than the Best Designs

It has been more than three decades of Wayne Walker putting efforts into research and designs of hair systems. His proficiency in the industry has occurred due to his extensive experience. He has attained that upon working for a major manufacturer as a technical advisor and designer. It has resulted in his massive clientele for more than a hundred satisfied customers visiting him daily in his hair replacement centre. He has made the best use of his interest and proficiency in the stock of Russian hair.

Proudly Pocket-Friendly

There are many reasons to choose the Russian collection, including its beauty and other qualities. However, these are not all! When you pick Russian systems as the hair loss solution, you should know that you won’t have to replace them in a month or two. 

In some user acceptance tests, the period for which permanent-wear clients kept the hair system exceeded even six months and even longer for some. So, even though it can look like paying more at the initial stage, you will eventually save more than expected. The list of benefits does not end here, it also includes fewer templates, less time, fewer surprises, and many others. 

A happy client with good hair is all we care about!

Our Russian collection can build your way for the good old days and great hair. That will make you feel confident, and that is all we want! After all, happy you is what we work for in our hair clinic in Melbourne.