Laser Hair Growth Treatment

Regrow your hair with the powerful combination of the latest laser beam technology, an FDA approved regrowth pharmaceutical, and a proven scalp and follicle treatment program. Visible benefits can occur in four months.

Our laser therapy gives you the power to regrow your own hair. Using a potent combination of FDA approved regrowth medication, our trusted scalp and follicle treatment program and, of course, our sophisticated laser beam technology.

Our laser hair growth treatment has achieved a 95% success rate, based on monitoring by hair loss medical professionals. Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, Dr Michael R Hamblin, had this to say about our laser hair growth therapy.

“I would assert that the Hair Centre International parameters are well within the range of parameters that have been shown to be successful for hair regrowth and that there is, therefore, no reason to doubt that the treatment would regrow hair in suitable subjects (i.e. thinning hair),” said Hamblin.

You can read Dr Hamblin’s full report here.

How Does Laser Hair Growth Treatment Work?

Laser hair growth therapy can help you regrow your hair through the powerful combination of:

  • The latest laser beam technology
  • An FDA approved regrowth pharmaceutical
  • A proven scalp and follicle treatment program

Our patients have reported visible benefits within just four months of using this type of treatment.

Real People. Real Results.

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*Clinical trial, details available at studio